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UltraSpeed Fairway Woods
UltraSpeed Fairway Woods

Versatile. Easy to hit. Long. The UltraSpeed fairway woods offer performance tuned clubs to tackle the demands of long to medium shots from fairway, rough or tee. Intended to benefit golfers seeking distance enhancement they combine a design which promotes an easy launch off the turf with a high trajectory for increased carry. The 3 and 5 woods confront challenging long distance shots and are equipped with a new two stage hitting surface for improved forgiveness and ball speed.

Manufactured with opposing heel and toe weights the center of gravity is optimally positioned while weight is ideally distributed for stable and square impact. An ultra thin, heat hardened hitting surface features a milled, dual thickness launching pad which provides a better spring-like action at impact. In combination with a strategically proportioned face height enhanced performance is available from tight lies or fluffy rough.

Available in both standard and offset models the UltraSpeed fairway woods cover the entire spectrum of long game distances. Engineered for ease of use while also geared for power they complete an arsenal of stroke saving weapons. Offered as component club heads for the do-it-yourselfer or fully assembled with a choice 4 shafts there is a perfect fit for all swing ranges from fast to slower senior speeds. Enjoy  fairway woods that make the long game fun, forgiving and easy.

Multipurpose Fairway Woods

*Available in Standard and Offset in 3 &5  Woods

*Designed for all Around Use from Fairway, Rough & Tee

*Performance Enhanced for Medium to Long Distance Approach Shots





Available in club head only or custom assembled with one of the following shafts:

R70 by Graman - Designed for all handicap levels seeking a quality fairway wood shaft that loads for a powerful kick through impact. Manufactured with high modulus T-700 high strain graphite for feel, distance and accuracy. Featuring uniform wall thickness and high impact strength. Frequency certified. Available in: Stiff (92-100mph), Regular (84-92mph) Senior ( 76-84mph) and Super Senior ( 75mph and below). Weight: 74 grams, Torque: 4.5, Flex Point: Mid/Low, Color: Metallic Black Assembled with M80 UltraSpeed - $89

Aura 55 by Omega – An all new ultra light weight graphite shaft that delivers increased club head speed while promoting consistent control. Manufactured with high modulus, ultra high strength 40T graphite fibers its feather light construction and low torque offer a unique blend of high energy transfer with minimal effort. Suits a wide range of golfers seeking enhanced distance at an incredible value. Available in Stiff (93-100mph), Regular (84-92mph), Senior (74-83mph) and Super Senior (below 73mph) flexes. Weight: 52-56 grams, Torque: 4.5, Flex Point: Mid/Low, Color: Matte Black $99

G60 by Graman – Designed for golfers seeking stability, consistency and control together with increased club head speed for greater distance. Manufactured with extremely precise symmetry and low torque using state of the art technology and the finest raw materials available in the world. Factory spine aligned and frequency certified to insure unmatched performance. Available in Stiff (94– 105mph), Regular (83-94mph) and Senior (83mph and below). Weight: 60 grams, Torque: 3.3, Flex Point: Mid/Low, Color: Liquid Silver. Assembled with M80 UltraSpeed - $109

UltraSpeed Component Club Head - 3 & 5  - $49

Standard Assembled Lengths: 3 - 43", 5 - 42" 

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