For Slow to Moderate

Senior Swing Speeds


High launch, low spin for maximum carry distance with enhanced forgiveness and exceptional control.

Designed for:

Men, women & seniors with slow to moderate swing speeds (55-94 mph). Available in standard (for golfers who hit generally straight) & offset (for golfers seeking fade, slice or push correction) 

Features & Benefits

  • New Six Pack Weight Technology alters side to side ball flight
  • Multiple settings for Draw Bias, Neutral and Fade Bias
  • Weight adjustable club head from 182-210 grams for driver lengths from 43" to 48"
  • Creates maximum club head speed for significant distance gains
  • User friendly design. Easy to swing. Availableright hand & left hand

Compare at $400 - $550

Wholesale price from $219 For complete details click for Standard or Offset


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"The ProSpeed out drove my M4 by 15-20 yards not on a few holes but on every single hole. It's the real deal."R.D.

For Moderate to Fast

Swing Speeds


Boring, more penetrating trajectory for a combination of carry & roll distance with a compact look and solid feel.

Designed for:

Golfers with swing speeds from 75 to 120 mph who prefer a lower, wind cheating trajectory. Available in standard (for straighter hitters) & draw bias (for golfers who fade or want an easier draw driver) 

Features & Benefits

  • Advanced Beta Max 3 Tier hitting surface
  • Weight adjustable club head from 188-203 grams for driver lengths from 45" to 48"
  • Optimum weight to length ratio for superior feel at various lengths
  • Increases club head speed and distance via enhanced leverage
  • Premium shaft options in 60, 55 and 47 gram weights

Compare at $400 - $550

Wholesale price from $199  For details click for StandardorDraw Bias


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“Got your LongBallz driver 2 months ago (10.5 at 47”) and I’m just as accurate as before but added 20+ yards. H.D.


New Technology in Standard, Draw Bias & Offset 

For Slow Swinging

Senior Men & Women

in Standard or Offset

Easy Edition ProSpeed

The Ultimate Ultra Light

Golf Driver Technology

  • Optimized for slow (55-79 mph) swinging senior men & women.
  • All new Caldera 38 gram PowerFlex Feather Light graphite shaft Up to 67 grams lighter than standard titanium drivers.
  • Delivers effortless power. Available  right hand & left hand.

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For Senior Golfers Seeking Maximum Distance

Ultra Edition ProSpeed

Boost Swing Speed

with Super Light Technology

in Standard or Offset

  • For swing speeds from 70-94 mph seeking increased speed & distance
  • Up to 53 grams lighter than standard titanium drivers
  • Combines longer driver lengths (46" to 48") with reduced overall weight for maximum impact power
  • Easy to swing and draw even at longer lengths. Right & Left hand

Wholesale price from $229  For complete details click for StandardorOffset


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ProSpeed Senior Golf drivers
LongBallz Golf Drivers
Kompressor Titanium Fairway Woods
ProSpeed Senior Golf Irons

Titanium Fairway Woods

  • Aerospace beta titanium for maximum powerPremium 
  • Weight adjustable club head for lengths from 1" short to 2" longer than standard
  • Deep center of gravity and 37mm face depth for dual use off the fairway or tee
  • Available in standard and offset to fit various swings and handicaps 

Compare at $349

Wholesale price from $149 For full detailsClick Here orOrder Here

ProSpeed Irons

  • Premium 455 hitting surface 33% thinner than standard steel
  • Lighter overall weight with 1" longer length for increased swing speed and distance. Lie adjustable
  • Low center of gravity, oversize design and  deep cavity for higher launch with increased forgiveness
  • Also comes in Ultra Light Edition for slow swinging seniors                 
  •           Compare at $1400 
  • Wholesale price from $369 For fulldetailsClick HereorOrder Here

Driver Reviews

"I'm 69 and purchased the ProSpeed 48" driver with regular flex. Set it for draw bias and use a slightly closed stance at address to insure that I swing inside out. I'm now hitting high draws that really roll out after landing. GPS shows my drives are now 20 to 35 yards longer. Best driver I've ever owned." J.P.

 “Received the Ultra Edition driver and I was impressed by how light the club was even at the longer 47.5” length I ordered. Went to the range and my first few drives were fades but I corrected my set up and smoothed out my tempo and started hitting straight and some draws. Played my first round the next day and I am getting 25 to 30 yards more distance. Even my mishits are going longer than the good drives with my M2. Extremely satisfied and will recommend it to my friends." D.M.


LightSpeed HT Golf Drivers
Kompressor Senior Golf Driver

For Slow to Moderate

Swing Speeds

LightSpeed HT


Medium launch, low spin for players seeking a balanced combination of carry and roll distance.

Designed for:

Senior golfers & average players with slow to moderate swing speeds (70-99 mph). Available in standard (for golfers who hit generally straight) & offset (for golfers seeking fade, slice or push correction) 

Features & Benefits

  • Settings for Draw Bias, Neutral and Fade Bias
  • Weight adjustable club head from 176-207 grams for driver lengths from 43.5" to 48"
  • Creates increased club head speed at longer lengths for enhanced distance
  • Available in Special Edition, Enhanced and Ultra Light Edition

Compare at $400 - $550

Wholesale price from $199 For complete details click for StandardorOffset


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"I want to compliment you on your senior ultra light driver. Been using the club for a month or so and I have gained 20 to 30 yards." S.I  .

Offset Driver Reviews

"I'd like to thank you for introducing me to your offset driver. I played with it on Saturday and found the fairway 75% of the time. I had never, ever done that before! Thanks." W.R

 “Ordered your Ultra Edition offset driver for seniors and I am more than pleased. I normally drive around 215 to 220 yards. The first round I played with the new driver we measured several of my drives by GPS at 240 to 250 yards. My friends are amazed at how well I hit the club. Now I'm interested in your fairway woods and irons. Thank you." D.C

"Three weeks ago I received your light weight offset driver with 47" senior shaft and I have had a chance to play a number of rounds with it. Just wanted you to know how pleased I am with the club. I'm 80 years old and hit a drive the other day 238 yards for the first time in many years. Even my bad hits go as far as the good hits with my old driver. I now have the ability to reach par 4's and 5's in regulation so it's made the game fun again. Thank you and I will order more clubs from you soon. D.S.

"This ultra light offset driver has been a great tool for correcting my tendency to slice my drives. I will soon be 72 and am happy to be driving the ball 200 yards again. Thanks for having a product that actually performs as advertised." D.G.

"I got your offset driver with super senior shaft and it is now the best club in my bag. Very pleased with the extra distance and how easy it is to hit straight." J.C.


For Slow to Moderate

Senior Speeds



Variable launch, low spin for senior players seeking a loft adjustable driver with increased control & good distance.

Designed for:

Senior golfers with slow to moderate swing speeds (70-85 mph). Settings for draw bias and higher to lower lofts to fit golfers seeking a low to medium high trajectory 

Features & Benefits

  • Settings for Draw Bias on higher and standard loft
  • Weight adjustable club head from 192-205 grams for driver lengths from 44" to 47"
  • Provides a high moment of inertia for superior control with light weight design for better speed
  • Available in senior and super senior shaft flexes

Compare at $400

Wholesale price from $179 For complete  details click Here


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"Yes it has increased the distance considerably. I don't know what effect the lighter materials have but I suspect that it has permitted more power with less strain or tiredness. Good job!" P.G.


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How Variable Weight Technology Increases Distance and Control

Constructed with state-of-the-art ultra light titanium castings the drivers offer the unique ability to adjust to an individual golfer's specific needs whether it be increasing distance, adding draw bias, correcting fades and slices or simply more control. The capability to add or subtract weight and strategically move weight to various areas on the club head can dramatically affect ball flight and distance. This is especially true for average to slow swing speed golfers which account for 90% of amateur players. Why? Because average to slow swing speed golfers do not generate enough swing speed and impact power to take advantage of the so called technology that the big brands hype in their multi million dollar ad campaigns. In fact, average players can test virtually every driver in a golf store only to find that they all hit within a few yards of each other. In other words, no significant distance increase. So what will increase distance for slow to moderate swing speeds? Variable Weight Technology as explained below.

Maximizing Distance

To hit a golf ball significantly farther it requires an increase in club head speed. Yet standard, store bought drivers limit a golfer to just his or her standard swing speed. However the rules of golf allow for a player to increase swing speed by utilizing the power of leverage. As an example, leverage can easily be understood when comparing the difference between a 5 iron and a 9 iron. A 5 iron has a club head that weights 27 grams less than a 9 iron club head and it's length is 2" longer. Therefore the lighter club head weight paired with the longer club length generates much more club head speed which is the reason why the 5 iron greatly outs the 9 iron in distance. This same example of leverage also works on a driver - but not just any driver.

In an attempt to hit longer drives many golfers extend the length of their standard drivers by 2" or 3" to help increase swing speed. However by doing this to a standard driver it also increases the swing weight of the driver making it heavy and harder to swing and square at impact. The heavier swing weight can also be counter productive and actually reduce club head speed due to the strain it puts on the hands and arms. The solution is found in drivers specifically designed for longer club lengths by incorporating weight adjustable club heads that can be reduced in weight by as much as 30 grams less than standard titanium driver heads. This weight reduction accommodates not only longer club lengths but also make it easy to swing for the entire spectrum of amateur players regardless of age, ability or strength. Drivers such as the ProSpeed, LongBallz and LightSpeed above feature weight adjustable club heads that are each specifically geared for high, moderate or slow swing speeds. Available in standard and offset models they provide golfers with a perfect fit option to meet the needs of virtually any swing and handicap. What's more they are based on the actual science of speed and distance - not hype or gimmick. Launch monitor testing has shown how club head speed can increase when compared to standard drivers as the lighter and longer drivers expand the swing arc and allow a player to create maximum lag in the downswing for peak power at impact. The following shows how the driver lengths can benefit club head speed and distance and who they are suited to:

  • 48” – 47.5” For golfers who have a fundamentally sound swing seeking maximum club head speed and distance. Launch monitor results show an increase in club head speed of 5 to 9 mph
  • 47” The ideal length for the majority of golfers seeking both distance increase and good control with an increase in club head speed of 4 to 7 mph
  • 46.5” – 46” For golfers interested in a modest increase in distance with very good control. Club head speed increase of 2 to 5 mph
  • 45.5” – 45” For golfers mainly interested in control with an increase in club head speed of 0-3 mph.
  • 44.5" - 44"  For golfers seeking increased control
  • 44" - 43" For most women

But what about slow, smooth swinging senior men and women who are not comfortable swinging longer drivers? There's another option.

The PowerFlex Option  

Weighing just a little over 1 ounce the all new Caldera 38 gram Feather Light graphite shaft can give new life to slow swing speed senior men and women (55 to 79 mph). Thanks to advancements in graphite shaft manufacturing and materials this incredibly light weight shaft features a power flex profile that stores energy in the downswing for release during impact generating more speed with less effort. Paired with the new Ultra Edition ProSpeed club head in standard or offset it offers a high launch, low spin driver that can provide the proper lift, trajectory and carry distance necessary for optimum performance. Available in driver lengths from 43" to 46.5" the drivers fit any senior player who lacks power and requires a driver that is light and easy to swing. It's a booster shot for men and women who have a controlled, smooth tempo and would like a driver that fulfills the age old saying "let the club do the work".  

Discover You True Driving  Distance Potential

Tour players have proven it - more distance off the tee results in lower scores. Unfortunately most senior golfers and amateur players lack the ability to hit huge drives. But that doesn't mean you can't significantly increase your driver distance with the proper equipment. Variable Weight Technology is the only proven, common sense alternative that actually increases club head speed and distance. Here's proof:

Launch Monitor Test Results - Standard Brand Name Drivers Vs         Variable Weight Technology Drivers

(Amateur golfer with an average 90 mph driver swing speed using standard Brand Name vs Variable Weight Tech 47"-48" drivers)

Using drivers designed for high swing speed tour players or long drive contestants offers no benefit for average golfers. The solution to longer drives is using a club specifically designed to benefit          YOUR swing speed and ability. That's what Variable Weight Technology offers. Premium materials and manufacturing, driver models to fit all swings and wholesale pricing without exaggerated retail markup. It's the intelligent option that offers proven results, more swing speed and distance and reminds us of the reason why we all play the game of golf ...  for fun.


Golf Driver Fitting Guide

Need Help? Fill out our Fitting Form for advice on which model, loft, flex and length would best suit your goals.




Brand Name

Variable Weight Tech

Average Swing Speed

91 mph

96 mph

Average Ball Speed

131 mph

140 mph

Average Carry Distance

209 yards

226 yards

Increase Distance  *  Correct a Fade, Slice or Push  *  Maximize Control.

Available in 43" to 48" Driver Lengths

Whether you are a senior golfer or average amateur player, whether you carry a high handicap or a low handicap having the right golf equipment can make a huge difference not only when it comes to lower scores but also in the overall enjoyment of the game. Each golfer has his or her needs for suitable equipment to fit their swing and goals. Many golfers seek drivers that offer maximum distance, longer shaft lengths, larger sweet spots, more control or offset drivers to help fix a fade or a slice. Others seek an iron set for better distance and forgiveness. While still others seek to fill in the need for fairway woods or even a complete golf set.

Titanium Metal Works offers the highest quality, premium cast titanium drivers using state-of-the-art ultra light material in a selection of standard, adjustable and offset to fit virtually every golfer’s swing. From slow swinging seniors and women to harder hitting players Unique, weight adjustable club heads offer all golfers a perfect fitting driver. Lengths from 43” to 48” to suit all heights and longer shaft lengths for golfers who want the longest hitting driver available. Plus iron sets using advanced hitting surfaces for increased power and distance enhanced fairway woods to complement a full golf set. See below for the latest golf technology available at direct wholesale prices without retail markup.