Ultra Light Senior Driver

Distance & Control

* New All-in-One Technology combines powerful distance with precise control for seniors

*  Adjustable weight and loft with settings for draw, neutral and fade bias. Up to to 60 grams lighter! 

* 3 versions to fit average to slow swing speeds in 43" to 48" lengths

  NOW ON SALE!  $239    

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Best Senior Offset Golf Driver

Senior Offset Driver

* Offset for Seniors seeking fade, slice or push correction with superior distance & control. Right & Left Hand

* Weight adjustable up to 60 grams lighter than standard titanium drivers for maximum club head speed

* 3 versions to fit average to slow swing speeds in 43" to 48" lengths


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Premium Fairway Wood

* Best in the World USA Made Carpenter Aerospace Alloy for maximum performance

* Designed for Senior golfers with moderate to slow swing speeds seeking improved distance

* Provides ideal launch with increased carry. Long & straight. 


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Offset Titanium Fairways 

* Premium USA Made Aerospace Beta titanium for superior distance with straight hitting offset hosel

*  Multi purpose design for use off of the fairway, tee or rough. Available in 3 and 5 woods

* Weight adjustable for shorter or longer club lengths from -1" to +2"


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* Up to 100 grams lighter than standard sets for increased speed  

Irons only  $279 or Combo set $479

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Golf Driver


Need Help? Get Professional Fitting Advice on which Driver fits your Swing Profile and Goals


Senior Fairway Woods

NEW! EZ Fairways

* Incredibly easy to hit! Picks the ball off the turf for soaring high shots and long carry distance

* Low profile, high power 455 hitting surface for senior golfers who struggle to get the ball airborne

* Available in Standard and Offset.         RightLeft Hand 3, 5, & 7 woods


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Best Senior Fairway Woods


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Offset Fairway Woods

Super Light for Speed

* Designed for Seniors seeking increased distance with forgiveness and control. Right & Left Hand

* Weight adjustable up to 67 grams lighter than standard drivers for maximum club head speed

* 3 versions to fit average to slow swing speeds in 43" to 48" lengths


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Longest Senior Golf Driver
Draw Bias Senior Driver

Draw Bias  

*  New! For senior golfers seeking an easy to draw driver or players who want to straighten a fade 

*  Ultra light, weight adjustable long drive technology up to to 60 grams lighter for higher club head speed 

* 2 versions to fit average to slow swing speeds in 45" to 48" lengths


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Best Anti Slice Driver

Anti Slice/Anti Push 

New! For golfers seeking to effectively correct a slice or push and lower spin rate 

*  Ultra light, weight adjustable long drive technology up to to 55 grams lighter for higher club head speed 

* 3 versions to fit moderate to slow swing speeds in 44" to 48" lengths


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 Engineered for Senior Golfers Ages 50 - 90

"very pleased with the new ProSpeed driver - getting 10-20  additional yards and much easier to hit" D.H

" just tried my new offset driver. My weak fade went to a straight shot or 10 yard draw. Gained 20-30 yards. M.H.

"purchased the ProSpeed Elite -  delighted to say I am outdriving all my playing partners" V.C.

"I'm sure people question whether you products are a gimmick - they are not. I have hit drives 30 yards further. F.E.

"the Easy Edition driver is working great. Have gained anywhere from 15-20 yards"  L.H.

"ordered the offset driver and the ball flight is 95% straight and my length increased by 35 meters" T.B

"I love the driver & 3 wood, not often does a product live up to its hype but yours do.  20-40 yards farther. W.L.

"Your offset 9.5 is just as advertised.  Have played 5 rounds so far and picked up 20 to 25 yards. Love it!" W.C.

"the driver is everything you said it would be. Improved my height and carry & the 47" length has given me 20 more yards" A.S.




Offset Driver



Are you Sacrificing Distance with Your Current Driver?

How Senior Golfers Can Add 10 - 30 Yards Using

Proven, Science Based Technology

Standard drivers, regardless of the brand, only provide standard distance with no significant improvement. This is due to the fact that most drivers are designed for younger players with faster swing speeds and use so-called technology that only works for speeds well above 105 mph. Plus the majority of big brand drivers have an overall weight of 310 to 320 grams which is not conducive to increasing distance. So how can golfers with average to slow swing speeds hit longer drives? It requires a driver designed specifically for average to slow swinging golfers and one that improves on the three factors necessary for optimum performance:

Speed: Speed is the main factor that determines how far a golf ball travels. Manufactured with state-of-the-art, weight adjustable club heads, super light graphite shafts and even ultralight weight grips our drivers provide senior players with speed enhancing tech that is up to 70 grams lighter than standard drivers (and weight adjustable to perfectly fit each golfer’s ideal feel). Light weight technology allows a golfer to create maximum lag in the downswing which delivers the fastest club head speed at impact.

Direction and Control: Whether you draw, hook, fade, slice, push, pull or hit straight having a driver designed to benefit your swing is essential. No one driver can do it all. Available in Adjustable, Draw Bias, Offset and Anti Slice/Anti Push models we offer six driver models to precisely fit your swing and goals.

Maximizing Distance: Combined with ultralight technology the final factor for those seeking the longest possible drives is the power boost offered by the use of increased driver lengths. The rules of golf allow amateur players to use driver lengths of up to 48” (most off the rack drivers are 45” to 45.5”). Testing indicates that ultralight weight together with longer length can boost swing speeds by up to 9 mph (every 1 mph increase can result in up to 3 yards of increased distance). Ideal lengths for most amateur players are in the 46” to 47” range with 48” for more skilled players.



Used by Senior Golfers

Worldwide since 1999

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Senior Ultralight  Driver

* New! The lightest fully adjustable driver. As light as 247 grams for faster speeds & longer drives. 

*  Combines 7 technologies for distance and control with draw, neutral & fade bias settings. 

* 3 versions to fit average to slow swing speeds in 43" to 48" lengths

compare at $699


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Increase or Reclaim Lost Distance

Correct a Fade, Slice

or Push

Optimize Control and Accuracy

43" to 48" Driver Lengths

(amateur golfers can legally use up to 48")


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* Precision with power! The ideal senior set for distance, control and

forgiveness with ultralight graphite 

* High Launch premium ion plated Hybrids for long shots with precision scoring irons in 7 - Gap Wedge

New! Lightweight Irons/Hybrids