New! Hi Impact Senior Irons

Manufactured with High Power USA MADE Carpenter Aerospace Alloy

High Speed Ultra Light Construction up to 78 to 100 grams Lighter than Traditional Irons

Hybrid-like High Launch, Long Carry Distance with Drop & Stop Action on the Green

Real Iron Technology

When it comes to iron technology the real science is found in the quality of the material used to construct the iron. And there is no better material than state-of-the-art USA made Carpenter Aerospace Alloy. Possessing a tensile strength almost double that of the titanium used in drivers it can be forged into an ultra thin, high impact hitting surface. Combined with a deep and low center of gravity the result is a high launching, long carry distance similar to a hybrid but with the drop and stop action to bite and hold the green for enhanced scoring opportunities.

Manufactured with just a few millimeters of offset the irons lay with a clean, square set up to the target line and provide a medium width sole plate to glide through the turf without excessive digging. Specifically designed for senior players they are engineered with a lighter overall weight and designed to be played at slightly longer than standard lengths (+1”) to reduce stress on the back. Plus each set comes customized to the individual golfer including shorter and longer club lengths, lie angle alteration, shaft flexes in regular, senior, super senior and lady plus grip sizes in standard, midsize and oversize.

Speed Enhanced

Creating more speed with less effort is the result of combining ultralight materials to produce an iron that is 78 to 100 grams lighter than traditional steel shafted irons. This overall reduction in weight reduces stress on hands and arms allowing for a free flowing swing and more lag in the downswing to boost club head speeds. Providing a soft, buttery impact feel these ultra light irons also maintain club head feel during the swing for consistency and control.

ProSpeed Elite Irons


+/-                      5      6      7      8     9       PW   AW
            Loft       25   28    31    35   39    45      51
          Lie         59     60    61   62   63     63     63 

Weight gms   248 255 262  269 276   282    283
 Offset mm       4    3.5    3     2.5    2       2      2


                  5       6       7       8        9      PW       AW
Steel        38"  37.5"  37"  36.5"  36"   35.75"  35.75"
Graphite 38.5" 38" 37.5" 37"  36.5" 36.25"    36.25"


The ProSpeed Elite irons are available in modern set configurations as follows:

  • 5 thru Gap Wedge 
  • 6 thru Gap Wedge 
  • 7 Thru Gap Wedge

Available in 2 Versions

ProSpeed Elite: Up to 78 grams lighter than traditional irons and available with choice of graphite or steel shafts.   ORDER HERE 

Easy Edition ProSpeed Elite (lightest): Up to 100 grams lighter than traditional irons ( with graphite shaft). Designed for senior golfers with slow, smooth swings seeking an extra light, easy to swing iron set. Comes with ultra light weight 23 gram Winn DriTec Lite grips in choice of standard, midsize or oversize.   ORDER HERE


Mach 6 Ultra Light Graphite by Omega – This new ultra light graphite shaft is designed for improved club head speed with feel and control. Weighing just 60 grams it reduces unnecessary shaft weight to 50% less than traditional steel shafts to provide an easy to swing club that encourages more speed with less effort. This transfers the feel of weight down into club head for a better sense of club head control. Offering a smooth swinging sensation and unique load profile it develops more speed through impact for a distance boost with optimum trajectory. Constructed with high modulus multi plies for added accuracy. Available in Regular ( 7 iron distance 160 - 140 yards ), Senior ( 7 iron distance 139 - 120 yards ) and Super Senior ( 7 iron distance below 120 yards ). Weight: 60 grams, Torque: 4.5 degrees, Mid/Low Kick, Color: Black     Set of 5 (7-GW) - $399,      Set of 6 ( 6-GW ) - $449,      Set of 7 (5-GW) - $499     

Light Weight Steel-  Available in Regular & Senior flexes  Mid to Low Kick Set of 5 (7-GW) - $359,     Set of 6 ( 6-GW ) - $409,     Set of 7 (5-GW) - $469   Slightly longer standard lengths (+0.5" steel) for reduced back strain and a longer swing arc ( Also available in standard & extra long lengths)