ProSpeed Senior Golf Irons
ProSpeed Senior Golf Irons

Best Game Improvement Irons

*Two Piece Construction with Low, Deep Center of Gravity

*Premium 455 Hitting Surface 33% Thinner than Standard Steel

*Combines Forgiveness with Power Enhancement for Longer Distance 


Premium Performance without the Premium Price

Iron, Chromium, Nickel, Titanium, Manganese and Molybdenum combine to form a high yield, super strong alloy know as 455. Its tensile strength and elongation allow for a hitting surface 33% thinner than the common hitting surfaces used on standard irons. Formed through a 2 piece process and annealed for added strength the irons offer a low and deep center of gravity for a proper trajectory and biting action on the green. Designed with a generous impact area for forgiveness the irons sport a clean, straight forward look at address to promote on target alignment. Built with a beveled sole to more easily glide through the turf the irons provide a hybrid-like performance with a high launch and long carry. Well struck shots are greeted with an impressive crisp response and pleasing impact sound. Designed to fit the modern club complement the irons are available in three set configurations to suit an individual player’s needs:

  • 5 through Gap Wedge
  • 6 through Gap Wedge, and
  • 7 through Gap Wedge.

Assembled sets are available in premium graphite, light weight steel and standard steel shafts and custom made to the user’s specifications including lie angle alteration. For the do-it-yourselfer the irons are also available in component club head form.

Today's tour players hit their irons significantly farther due to a combination of two factors: the use of high grade hitting surfaces consisting of thinner alloys for improved rebound and, of course, high club head speeds that far exceed what the average player is capable of. While you may not be able to generate tour player swing speeds you can improve your power. Launch monitor testing ProSpeed 7 iron versus Hybrid 7 iron shows an increase in distance of 5 to 8 yards with the ProSpeed iron with an average swing speed. It’s the basis of this all new iron set that provides modern, ultra thin metallurgical materials with a game improvement design and hybrid-like playability. With superior feedback and a satisfying look and feel they offer the opportunity for more game enjoyment and the experience of ProSpeed.

Assembled Options

Mach 6 Ultra Light Graphite by Omega – This new ultra light graphite shaft is designed for improved club head speed with feel and control. Weighing just 60 grams it reduces unnecessary shaft weight to 50% less than traditional steel shafts to provide an easy to swing club that encourages more speed with less effort. This transfers the feel of weight down into club head for a better sense of club head control. Offering a smooth swinging sensation and unique load profile it develops more speed through impact for a distance boost with optimum trajectory. Constructed with high modulus multi plies for added accuracy. Available in Stiff ( 7 iron distance above 160 yard carry ), Regular ( 7 iron distance 159 - 140 yards ), Senior ( 7 iron distance 139 - 120 yards ) and Super Senior ( 7 iron distance below 120 yards ). Weight: 60 grams, Torque: 3.8 degrees, Mid/Low Kick, Color: Black Set of 5 (7-GW) - $369, Set of 6 ( 6-GW ) - $419, Set of 7 (5-GW) - $469 Slightly longer standard lengths (+1" graphite) for reduced back strain and a longer swing arc ( Also available in standard & extra long lengths) ORDER HERE

Light Weight Steel- ( For golfers seeking the light weight feel of graphite in a steel shaft ) A full three quarters of an ounce lighter than standard steel shafts to generate more club head speed and distance with less effort. A sleek, stepless tapered profile helps produce increased feel. Manufactured to tight tolerances for improved consistency. Available in Regular and Senior flexes Weight: 100 grams, Mid Kick Set of 5 (7-GW) - $299, Set of 6 ( 6-GW ) - $339, Set of 7 (5-GW) - $379 Slightly longer standard lengths (+0.5" steel) for reduced back strain and a longer swing arc ( Also available in standard & extra long lengths) ORDER HERE

Standard Weight Steel- ( For golfers who prefer a heavier weight feel ) Available in Stiff, Regular. Weight: 125 grams, Mid/ Low Kick Set of 5 ( 7-GW ) - $259, Set of 6 (6-GW) - $289, Set of 7 ( 5-GW ) - $319 ORDER HERE


+/-                      5      6      7      8     9       PW   AW
            Loft       23   26    29    33   38    43      48
            Lie       61.5 62 62.5   63  63.5  64      +64 

Weight gms   250 257 264  271 278   286    288
 Offset mm       4    3.5    3     2.5    2       2       1.5


                  5      6       7      8      9      PW     AW
Steel        38" 37.5" 37" 36.5" 36"   35..5" 35.5"
Graphite 38.5" 38" 37.5" 37"  36.5" 36"    36"


"Received the new irons and pleasantly surprised at the way they make contact. All hit at least 15 to 20 yards further and much easier and straighter. Just like I was 5 years younger. Thanks."  G.B.

"These new irons are great. I hit my 7 Iron 170 yds on the first hole I played. I was 178 yds from pin and hit to within 4 ft. Everyone should have these clubs. Thank you so much." D.H.

  "The irons are fantastic. Hitting the 7 iron 160 yards. They go high, carry long and are very forgiving. Went to demo day and hit the new irons but they don't compare to the performance I get from these. Thanks. J.D.

"I love them. they are extremely easy to hit and have improved forgiveness and distance." M.D.

“I want to commend you on your new irons. I’ve tried all the new brand name irons this year in search of better distance with accuracy. But even with all the so called technology they offer I could not find any brand that gave me more than a few extra yards. So I took a chance on your new irons because your driver works so well for me. I’m 70 years old now and normally hit a 6 iron around 140 yards. The very first hit I had with the new 6 iron carried 160 yards! I thought it might be a fluke but I hit an entire bucket of balls with the new set and I’m a believer. I was even able to get the 5 iron out to 180 yards a few times which is what I usually hit my 3 wood. No I didn’t every single shot perfect but every solid shot rewarded me with about 2 clubs more in distance. To be honest I was willing to pay $1400 for an iron set that could perform the way I wanted so your irons are an absolute bargain for about a $1000 less . Keep up the good work and I will recommend these to all my buddies.” J.P.

"Crushing the new irons. They hit very straight, high and long. Plus I can hit either a baby cut or draw with them. 7 iron is going 180 yards!". M.S.