Helps Slow Swing Speed

Senior Golfers

Increase Speed & Distance

*Up to 67 Grams Lighter than

Standard Titanium Drivers

*Available in Standard and Offset 

to Fit All Swings & Handicaps

*Feather Light 38 Gram & 45 gram

Power Flex Graphite Shaft.

Enjoy Easy to Swing Distance

"Let the club do the work". Finally there's a driver that does just that. The all new Easy Edition ProSpeed drivers give slow swing speed golfers an effortless and affordable alternative for players seeking an easy, forgiving driver to improve distance. Uniquely designed with a weight adjustable premium titanium club head each golfer can set the weight that suits their individual preference. For golfers who want an ultra light weight driver the club can be set at up to 67 grams lighter than a standard titanium driver (243 gram overall weight versus 310 grams on standard drivers) for a feather-like feel. For golfers who want more head feel the club head can be incrementally increased in weight by adding 2, 5 or 8 gram weights (supplied) to the club head to achieve the perfect balance. What's more the weight can be positioned for draw, neutral or fade bias and higher or lower trajectory to ideally fit a golfer's swing. In other words,  it gives a golfer what no other driver offers - a personalized premium driver that fits each golfer for the proper feel, flight and ball height. But it doesn't stop there.

Weighing just a little over one ounce the new Calderra 38 gram Power Flex graphite shaft or Mach 4 45 gram ultra light graphite is fitted to the club head giving the driver a power enhancing engine that stores energy in the downswing for release through impact. This allows golfers to maintain a smooth tempo and permits the shaft to load and discharge energy without the need to violently attack the ball with an unbalanced, erratic swing that wastes energy and destroys control. Fitted with a special 23 gram grip this further reduces the club's overall weight while providing more head feel without the need to apply extreme club head weight.

Available in standard (for golfers who hit generally straight) or offset (for golfers who battle a fade, slice or push) it offers golfers of all handicaps the best option for carefree, easy to swing distance. The Easy Edition Prospeed drivers give senior men and women the opportunity to enjoy light weight technology at its finest. Experience more power with less stress and "let the club do the work".

Caldera 38 by Omega - New feather light shaft technology designed to improve speed for very slow, smooth tempo senior golfers. Constructed with high modulus, ultra high tensile strength prepeg its feather light weight and unique bend profile stores energy in the downswing for release though impact. Provides a strain free power enhancing medium to transfer increased energy with minimal effort. Suitable for men and women seeking an easy to swing alternative for distance improvement. Available in Senior (72 - 75 mph), Super Senior (65- 71mph) and Lady (64 mph & below) flexes. Weight: 38 grams, Torque: 6.5, Flex Point: Low, Color: Matte Black

Mach 4 by Omega – A premium, super light 45 gram graphite designed for medium to smooth tempo golfers seeking a speed enhancing shaft. With a unique bend profile the upper portion of the shaft remains firmer while the bottom portion of the shaft provides an increased pendulum like flex for a powerful kicking action through impact. Manufactured with high modulus raw material interwoven in multiple plies to provide a shaft that boosts club bead speed without extreme effort. Available in  Senior flex (81 mph to 75mph swing speeds) and Super Senior flex ( 74 mph and below). Color: Matte Black, Torque: 5 degrees

Available in custom lengths from 43" to 46"

compare at $899

ProSpeed in Standard or Offset Wholesale price $239

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Senior Golfers -Want Even More Distance?

The Ultra Edition ProSpeed drivers are available in ultra light weight with 46" to 48" club lengths for maximum swing speed. For full details click for Standard or Offset model


For Men

& Women



Left Hand

"I'm an older golfer with a slow swing speed. I ordered the Easy Edition 12 degree driver with super senior flex. I like how nice and light the club is and how it swings without having to use a lot of effort. It is truly a great club as I have have been able to add almost 20 yards to my drives. Thank you." R.P.