ProSpeed StingRay Instructions

for Loft, Face Angle & Weight Settings

NOTE: Your driver comes preset on standard loft and it is correctly weighted for the driver length you selected. No further adjustment is needed unless desired.

Do not adjust weights until consulting recommended weighting below.

Adjustable Hosel Settings

Hold the club upside down and completely loosen the screw with the provided tool ( use care not to drop the screw and lock washer). Set the desired loft & face angle options by positioning one of the four indicated settings on the line at the back of the hosel: Hand tighten the hosel back in place firmly ( do not try to over tighten ).

Standard Loft (10.5 or 12.5)

with Neutral bias

Standard Loft- Upright Lie

(10.5 or 12.5)with Draw bias

Lower Loft (9 or 11)

with slight Fade bias

High Loft (12 or 14)

with Draw bias

Weight Instructions

The ProSpeed StingRay has 3 weight ports positioned on the Toe, Rear and Heel of the club head (see illustration). Placing weight in these ports can influence ball flight and feel as follows:

Recommended Weights for Various Driver Lengths

Add the following brass weights to the club head. The remaining weights should be the black plastic 1 gram weights.

IMPORTANT: When removing or installing the black plastic weights do not force or apply strong pressure.

  • Gently turn the screw to extract or install into place.
  • Do not over tighten to avoid stripping.
  • Do not exceed maximum weight recommendations which can put excessive stress on the shaft.

Ultra Edition and Easy Edition drivers should use the minimum amount of weight for faster club head speeds

48” – 47.5” length – For faster club head speed just plastic 1 gram weights or, for heavier feel, (1) 5 gram weight. Maximum weight (1) 8 gram 

47” – 46.5” length – (1) 5 gram. For heavier feel (1) 8 gram . Maximum weight (1) 10 gram or (1) 8 gram & (1) 5 gram

46” – 45.5” length – (1) 8 gram weight. For heavier feel (1) 10 gram.  Maximum weight (1) 10 gram & (1) 5 gram

45”  -  44.5” length – (1) 8 gram weight & (1) 5 gram. For heavier feel (1) 10 gram & (1) 5 gram. Maximum weight (1) 10 gram & (1) 8 gram

44” –  43” length    – (1) 10 gram & (1) 8 gram. For heavier feel (1) 10 gram & (2) 5 gram. Maximum weight (1) 10 gram & (2) 8 gram

Golfers can set the weighting lighter than recommended if preferred. Do not overweight the club head as excess weight will slow down swing speed and over stress the shaft especially at 47” to 48” lengths.

Weight Identification

10 gram - longest brass screw

8 gram   - medium length brass screw

5 gram   - shortest brass screw

1 gram   - black plastic screw

Toe Weight Port: (Fade Bias) Placing weight in the toe of the club head promotes more fade bias for golfers seeking a left to right ball flight. For shorter length drivers (44" to 43") the lightest weight should be placed here with the heavier weights in the Rear & Heel ports.

Rear Weight Port: (Neutral Bias & Higher Launch) Placing weight in the rear of the club head promotes neutral bias together with a higher MOI (moment of inertia) which stabilizes the club head at impact while influencing a higher ball flight depending on the amount of weight used. 

Heel Weight Port: (Draw Bias) Placing weight in the heel of the club head promotes additional draw bias and can be used in combination with the adjustable hosel draw bias settings to maximize the effect and influence more draw bias.

Weights can also be split between weight ports (such as heavier weight in Rear and lighter weight in Heel for higher flight with draw bias and so on).