Launch Monitor Test Results –             LongBallz vs Popular Brands
        (Test results using an amateur golfer with an average 90 mph driver swing speed)

Brand Name C
Brand Name T

Average Swing Speed
91.4 mph
90.7 mph
96.2 mph

Average Ball Speed
131.2 mph
 130.9 mph
139.6 mph

Average Carry Distance
209.6 yards
208.9 yards
226.4 yards


Maximize Club Head Speed 

Beneficial for all ages. Add 15 - 30 yards.

Would Your Scores Be Lower If You Could Hit 2 or 3 Clubs Less Into The Green?

BetaMax Hitting Surface: With a tensile strength 300% higher than standard titanium it possesses a chemical composition which provides a unique combination of propellant properties via its tactile hardness and rapid recoil. Fabricated into a three tier structure it further reduces the thickness of the hitting surface in the heel and toe areas of the club face thereby maximizing the COR/CT both on center contact and mishits. Superior energy transfer optimizes the rebound effect for increased ball speed and works in junction with the following improvement to maximize distance.

Optimum Weight to Length Ratio: Speed, as it relates to the golf swing, is governed by the laws of physics. Specifically it is centrifugal force rather brute force that powers the golf club. As an example when a ball on a string is rotated around a fixed point (the axis) the ball accelerates faster than the turning of the axis. However, when the radius (length) of the string is increased so too is the speed or acceleration of the ball. This action-reaction also occurs during the golf swing. As the length of the club increases so too does the speed of the club head imparting more energy into the golf ball for increased distance. As the rules of golf allow for a driver length to be used at up to 48” why is it that most standard golf drivers are only 45” long? That is answered by the other part of the equation – weight.

Most titanium driver heads today weigh in area of 202 to 208 grams. Even though new titanium alloys allow for a lighter head weight the addition of adjustable hosels and sliding mechanisms have increased the weight of driver heads necessitating the use of carbon crowns in an attempt to keep excess weight down. Why? Because added weight destroys speed. That’s why cars designed for the race track are stripped of all unnecessary weight to boost their ability to create more speed. This also holds true for golf driver designs. To create the fastest possible speeds LongBallz uses a state-of-the-art ultra light one piece cast titanium body. Significantly lighter than standard titanium heads it is fitted with an adjustable weight system that allows the driver head to accommodate club lengths from 48” down to 45”. Golfers serious about increasing distance can now maximize club head speed through the use of a light weight 47” to 48” driver while maintaining a normal swingweight of D3 even when used at the full 48” length. The increased swing arc and optimized head weight allow golfers of all ages and strengths to experience maximum distance drives. Launch monitor testing at an average 90 mph swing speed shows an increase of up to 17 yards more carry distance at a 48” length and 12 yards more carry distance at a 47” length. Total distance (carry plus roll) depends on both weather and course conditions and generally falls into a 15 to 30 yard increase under normal warm and dry play. Through the use of a specially designed hitting surface, optimized club head weight and enhanced length Longballz achieves the optimum length to weight ratio for ultimate distance increases. In comparison, the so called latest technologies offered by the big brands can supply about half a mile per hour more in speed for the average player ( a yard or so in distance). That becomes a pretty expensive 1 yard.

Long Distance Technology Designed for the Amateur Player

For many years long drive contestants have used extended length drivers to enhance their speed and distance. Yet the drivers they use are specifically designed for very high swing speeds. Average amateur golfers would actually lose distance using one of their clubs. Longballz takes into consideration the needs of golfers who have moderate to slower swing speeds ( 105-75 mph) and tailors the clubs for straighter and longer drives. The standard model LongBallz driver is designed to square the face easier at impact even at longer driver lengths. It also features both rear and heel weighting that affects trajectory and allows for more draw bias if needed. The Draw Bias model goes a step further by adding just the right amount of offset to square the face for golfers who battle a fade. Or, for players seeking an easy driver to draw, it helps close the face gently through impact to produce the ideal right to left ball flight while also providing rear and heel weighting options for fine tuning. Is LongBallz for everyone? No. If a golfer struggles to hit a standard driver then this is probably not the club for them. But then LongBallz was designed for the truly avid player. The golfer who plays frequently and someone who possesses a decent grasp of the fundamentals. That does not mean you need a perfect swing. Few of us have one. But as any experienced golfer knows if you want to achieve a goal in this game it requires two things: a) the right tool for the job, and b) a little practice to dial it in. If hitting a longer length driver sounds intimidating keep in mind most golfers have no problem hitting a 7 iron and a 5 wood yet the 5 wood is 5.5” longer than a 7 iron. So does a driver that is 2” to 3” longer in length sound that difficult to get used to? If so, LongBallz can also be used at standard or slightly longer lengths (from 45” to 46.5”) as its weight adjustable head accommodates golfers looking for control or just a little distance improvement.

Predator or Prey?

In a golf match you are either predator or prey and the golfer that’s hitting longer drives has the opportunity to shoot lower scores. The big hitters on Tour have proven it. Having the chance to hit 2 or 3 clubs less into the green gives golfers an edge. But if you don’t possess the ability to create high swing speeds like the big hitters you can still take advantage of no nonsense distance technology. Designed and manufactured by the team of professionals responsible for some of the longest hitting drivers over the last several decades, LongBallz incorporates time tested distance technologies with the latest metallurgical advancements. It’s proven, it’s longer and it’s legal. You provide the swing – LongBallz provides the extra power. Experience your true distance potential with the only golf driver that actually lives up to its name.

Golfer Reviews


“No doubt this driver is longer than any I’ve tried and I’ve tried them all. It’s been warm and dry here so I’m getting 25-30 yards on average. The 48” length hasn’t been a problem to control either. Brought it to a local tournament and the guys on the range were all killing it. I saw my PGA pro the other day and he took swings with it and was impressed with the distance and the looks. Geat club.” K.M.

“Bought the 48” LongBallz and worked on my technique a bit at the range. Hitting drives out to 250 now versus my usual average of 220 and even found a little draw with the club. Love the driver. F.G.

“Purchased the draw bias driver and I am 15-20- yards longer off the tee and keeping it in the fairway.”

"The draw bias LongBallz has got be one of the best drivers I’ve owned. I’m 68 and added a good 20 yards of the tee and getting a nice soft draw.” D.L.

“Got your LongBallz driver 2 months ago (10.5 at 47”) and I’m just as accurate as before but added 20+ yards. Really helped to get the scores down.” H.D.

“Took the new driver to the range for a test. First couple of drives were hooks so I added a little more weight to the head and, bang, some nice long draws. Left the rest of the bucket and went out for a quick 9. Saw some drives that were 25-30 yards longer than I normally hit with my M4. Like that I can change the weight for my preferred feel and it’s sneaky long. Sometimes I didn’t think I hit it on the screws but it was out there a long way”. M.S.

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New BetaMax 3 tier hitting surface.

Expands the CT zone to the heel/center/toe.


Adjusts from Slight to Increased Draw Bias.

Longer, straighter drives for varying handicaps.


Conforms with the Rules of Golf.

For use in competitive and tournament play.

Specifications, Shafts, Options & Fitting Guide

LongBallz and LongBallz Draw are available as a component club head or custom assembled with choice of shaft, shaft flex, loft, length and grip size. Custom assembled drivers are available in Stiff, Regular, Senior and Super Senior flexes in club length from 45" to 48". Component club heads and assembled drivers come with head cover, club head weights and tool.


Lie Angle:                   57 degrees

Face angle:              -0.5 degrees

Weight variable:    187-201 grams

Hosel Bore:                            .335

Lofts:                     10.5 & 12

Right Hand Only

LongBallz provides a lower, more boring trajectory. Select loft based on your typical ball flight:

10.5 - for medium trajectory drives or any swing speed above 85 mph

12 - for low ball hitters or swing speeds below 84 mph

LongBallz Draw

Lie Angle:                   57 degrees

Face angle:              -0.5 degrees

Weight variable: 190-204 grams

Hosel Bore:                            .335

Lofts:                      9.5 & 10.5 

Right Hand Only

LongBallz Draw provides a normal trajectory and carry. Select loft based on your typical ball flight:

9.5 - for high ball hitters or swing speeds above 90 mph

10.5 - for medium trajectory drives or any swing speed above 80 mph

Shaft Selection - Custom Assembled Drivers

Aura 55 by Omega – An all new ultra light weight graphite shaft that delivers increased club head speed while promoting consistent control. Manufactured with high modulus, ultra high strength 40T graphite fibers its feather light construction and low torque offer a unique blend of high energy transfer with minimal effort. Suits a wide range of golfers seeking enhanced distance. Available in Stiff (95-105mph), Regular (86-94mph), Senior  (76-85mph) and Super Senior (below 75mph) flexes. Weight: 52-55 grams, Torque: 4.5, Flex Point: Mid/Low, Color: Matte Black          SALE! $110 Off. was $279             NOW $169 ORDER HERE

Mach 4 by Omega – A premium, super light 45 gram graphite designed for medium to smooth tempo golfers seeking a speed enhancing shaft. With a unique bend profile the upper portion of the shaft remains firmer while the bottom portion of the shaft provides an increased pendulum like flex for a powerful kicking action through impact. Manufactured with high modulus raw material interwoven in multiple plies to provide a shaft that boosts club bead speed without extreme effort. Available in Soft Regular flex (88 to 82 mph swing speeds), Senior flex (81 mph to 75mph swing speeds) and Super Senior flex ( 74 mph and below). Color: Matte Black, Torque: 5 degrees

   SALE! $110 Off. was $289    NOW $179    ORDER HERE

Standard golf drivers, regardless of the brand, give amateur players with average swing speeds standard distance. To achieve a substantial increase it requires a driver engineered beyond conventional norms for maximum energy transfer. Chemically enhanced with a high percentage of vanadium its proprietary hitting surface features a fabricated three tier structure that provides the blueprint for superior ball speed. Constructed with an optimum weight to length ratio the club head and shaft work in tandem to produce significantly higher swing speeds. Designed to generate a piercing ball flight, low spin and a calculated balance of carry and roll it combines unique materials and mechanical properties that maximize one of the most crucial elements to lowering scores …        distance.

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What Is Your True Driving Distance Potential

Today Tour players routinely hit 300 to 350 yard drives. However, statistics show just how much distance the amateur player gives up in comparison. See the numbers for yourself:

  • 90% of amateur golfers have a driver swing speed below 105 mph
  • 80% of amateur golfers have a driver swing speed below 100 mph
  • The average amateur golfer has a driver swing speed of 90 mph
  • The average driving distance for amateur golfers is 215 yards
  • The average senior golfer has a driver swing speed of 85 mph
  • The average driving distance for senior golfers is 195 yards
  • The average Tour player has driver swing speed of 113 mph
  • The average driving distance for Tour players is 295 yards

Though you may not be able to generate Tour player swing speeds LongBallz makes it possible to increase both speed and distance thanks to the advancements in ultra light materials and engineering technologies. Regardless of age LongBallz drivers offer the opportunity to achieve your true distance potential. Available in both Standard and Draw Bias models the drivers incorporate the three most important aspects for distance enhancement: low spin, increased club head speed and optimized ball speed. This is accomplished through:
• an innovative, advanced hitting surface design,
• a club configuration based on the mechanics of the golf swing, and
• a strategically balanced & weighted modeling founded on the physics of speed

The drivers are also based on something the other companies seem to have forgotten: common sense. You won’t find any gimmicks or outlandish “break out of jail” or “twisted” terminology because real distance gains come from an increase in speed not some catch phrase dreamed up by a marketing department.

LongBallz is backed by extensive research and development. Thoroughly tested on launch monitor and on-course tested by amateur golfers with varying abilities and handicaps LongBallz has proven to significantly increase driving distance. Here’s how it works:


Discover Your True Driving Distance Potential

Long Drive Technology for Avid Amateur Golfers


Golf Driver Fitting Guide

Need Help? Fill out our Fitting Form for advice on which model, loft, flex and length would best suit your goals.