*Maximize Launch for Increased Carry Distance Right & Left Hand

*Ultra Light 38 gram, 45 gram and 55 gram  Graphite Shafts
 *Total Performance: Longer Drives with Forgiveness & Fade/Slice/Push Correction

Best Offset  Senior Golf Driver
Offset Senior Golf Driver

Features & Benefits

  • Two years in research, development and extensive testing
  • New! Six Pack Weight Technology effectively alters side to side ball flight & trajectory
  • Multiple settings for Draw Bias, Anti Slice and Neutral Bias 
  • Premium ultra light weight cast titanium construction for high speed performance
  • Specifically designed to benefit moderate to slow swing speeds from 95 to 55 mph
  • Solid feel and powerfully pleasing sound for confident play
  • Available in 3 versions; Standard, Ultra Edition and New! Easy Edition in  Right Hand & Left Hand
  • Optimized high launch, low spin for maximum carry distance
  • Higher Moment of Inertia for superior stability and control with aerodynamic speed design
  • Enlarged hitting surface/sweet spot & 460cc body for extra forgiveness
  • Weight adjustable club head from 188 to 215 grams for driver lengths from 43" to 48"
  • Shift weight forward & backward to alter loft/trajectory by 1 degree higher or lower
  • User friendly, easy to swing and square even at longer lengths.
  • Choose from stiff, regular, senior, super senior & lady shaft flexes. Lofts 9.5 & 11

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Offset ProSpeed

For men and senior golfers seeking distance, control & forgiveness. Variable weight club head from 182 to 210 grams allows for driver lengths from 43" to 48". Golfers looking for increased distance can benefit from longer driver lengths (47" to 48") while maintaining a light weight for maximum speed. Golfers who desire more control can use a standard to shorter club length (45" to 43") to zero in on accuracy & forgiveness. Available with 60, 55 & 45 gram ultra light graphite.         Compare at $400 to $550

        Wholesale price from $219 


Easy Edition Offset ProSpeed

For senior men & women with slow, smooth swings below 79 mph. Feather light total driver weight as low as 243 grams (up to 67 grams less than standard) for effortless power.         New Caldera 38 gram Power Flex graphite shaft boosts club head speed with a thrust of energy through impact. With ultra light 23 gram grip. Available in senior flex (72-79 mph swing), super senior flex (below 71-65 mph) & Lady (64-mph & below). Driver lengths from 43" to 46.5"          Compare at $850

               Wholesale price $239


 Ultra Edition Offset ProSpeed

For senior golfers seeking to maximize club head speed and distance. Super light total driver weight as low as 254 grams (56 grams lighter than standard titanium drivers) & longer club length allows players to maximize "lag" in the downswing for release of peak club head speed directly at impact. With 23 gram grip. Driver lengths from 46" to 48". Available with 55 gram or 45 gram shaft in regular, senior & super senior flexes. See Shaft Selection Below                                                       Compare at $550                                        Wholesale price from $229



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Maximum Distance. More Control. Or a Combination of Both.

High launch. Low Spin. Increased club head speed. These are the key factors necessary for optimum drives. Now the Offset ProSpeed driver combines these features with a unique offset hosel and Variable Weight Technology to expand the capabilities of modern driver technology. Geared to suit average player and senior golfer swing speeds this all-in-one driver allows players to achieve their individual goals by outfitting the club for maximum distance, more control or a mixture of both. With a Six Pack Weighting System encircling the driver head weight can be strategically positioned from heel to rear to toe offering multiple options for Anti Slice, Draw Bias and Neutral settings. To further compliment these settings preferred trajectories can be easily encouraged for performance such as High, Medium and Lower launch to suit a golfer's swing. This adjustable Weight technology can also be used to significantly increase club head speed resulting in longer drives. 

Maximizing Speed  

The goal of many amateur golfers is, understandably, maximum distance off the tee. Studies show that the average driving distance for amateur golfers is 205 yards. So more distance can result in shorter shots to the green. That's where the Offset ProSpeed driver shines. With ability to adjust the club head weight as low as 188 grams (standard driver heads today are around 206 grams) this provides the option to increase the driver length up to 48" (the maximum allowed by the rules - most standard drivers are 45"). By increasing driver length while reducing club head weight a golfer can take full advantage of leverage to substantially boost club head speed. Launch monitor testing shows how speed can improve with various driver lengths: 

  • 48” – 47.5” For golfers who have a fundamentally sound swing seeking maximum club head speed and distance. Launch monitor results show an increase in club head speed of 5 to 9 mph
  • 47” The ideal length for the majority of golfers seeking both distance increase and good control with an increase in club head speed of 4 to 7 mph
  • 46.5” – 46” For golfers interested in a modest increase in distance with very good control. Club head speed increase of 2 to 5 mph
  • 45.5” – 45” For golfers mainly interested in control with an increase in club head speed of 0-3 mph.
  • 44.5" -  44"  For golfers seeking increased control
  • 44" - 43" For most women 

In terms of actual distance the ideal longer driver lengths between 47" to 48" can produce 15 to 20+ yards in extra carry distance (plus additional yardage from roll). This means well struck drives can result in hitting 2 or even 3 clubs less into the green. Easier approach shots equal better scoring opportunities.

For Slow Swinging Seniors and Women

Golfers who have slow club head speeds (55 to 79 mph) and smooth swings can also find improvement off the tee even if they are not comfortable swinging longer than standard drivers. Thanks to new graphite shaft technology these golfers can benefit from the new Caldera Feather Light 38 gram shaft which stores and releases a powerful kick through impact. Together with the Offset ProSpeed club head the combination of ultra light shaft (weighing a little over 1 ounce), lighter club head and a special 23 gram grip (54% lighter than a standard grip) this incredibly easy to swing driver provides the proper launch and added thrust to enhance power without extra effort. In other words, it's the perfect example of the old saying "let the club do the work". 

Options and Shafts

The Offset ProSpeed driver is available as component club head or custom assembled with one of the following shafts. Drivers come complete with head cover and weight kit containing 8, 5, 2 and 1 gram weights plus tool.

Caldera 38 by Omega - New feather light shaft technology designed to improve speed for slow, smooth swinging senior golfers. Constructed with high modulus, ultra high tensile strength prepreg its feather light weight and unique bend profile stores energy in the downswing for release though impact. Provides a strain free power enhancing medium to transfer increased energy with minimal effort. Suitable for men and women seeking an easy to swing alternative for distance improvement. Available in Senior (72 - 79 mph), Super Senior (65- 71mph) and Lady (64 mph & below) flexes. Weight: 38 grams, Torque: 6.5, Flex Point: Low, Color: Matte Black 

Mach 4 by Omega – A premium, super light 45 gram graphite designed for medium to smooth tempo golfers seeking a speed enhancing shaft. With a unique bend profile the upper portion of the shaft remains firmer while the bottom portion of the shaft provides an increased pendulum like flex for a powerful kicking action through impact. Manufactured with high modulus raw material interwoven in multiple plies to provide a shaft that boosts club bead speed without extreme effort. Available in Soft Regular flex (88 to 82 mph swing speeds), Senior flex (81 mph to 75mph swing speeds) and Super Senior flex ( 74 mph and below). Color: Matte Black, Torque: 5 degrees

Aura 55 by Omega – An all new ultra light weight graphite shaft that delivers increased club head speed while promoting consistent control. Manufactured with high modulus, ultra high strength 40T graphite fibers its super light construction and low torque offer a unique blend of high energy transfer with minimal effort. Suits a wide range of golfers seeking enhanced distance. Available in Stiff (93-105 mph), Regular (86-92 mph), Senior (76-85 mph) and Super Senior (below 75 mph) flexes. Weight: 52-55 grams, Torque: 4.5, Flex Point: Mid/Low, Color: Matte Black

Offset Driver Reviews

"First time on the course with the ProSpeed offset driver and hit my first driver 200yd straight down the middle.I'm 75 years old and have not done this in 4 years. You just returned fun back to golf. Thank you for your recommendation" J.G.

"Ordered your Ultra Edition offset driver for seniors and I am more than pleased. I normally drive around 215 to 220 yards. The first round I played with the new driver we measured several of my drives by GPS at 240 to 250 yards. My friends are amazed at how well I hit the club. Now I'm interested in your fairway woods and irons. Thank you." D.C.

"I'd like to thank you for introducing me to your offset driver. I played with it on Saturday and found the fairway 75% of the time. I had never, ever done that before! Thanks. W.R

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"hit my first drive 200 yards straight down the middle. I'm 75  years old and have not done this in 4 years" J.G.