Correct & Combat a Fade, Slice or Push 

• Weight Adjustable Ultralight Technology for Maximum Speed
• Proprietary Offset Design Squares the Face for Straight Drives

• 43" to 48" Club Lengths for Superior Control or Longest Distance 

Best Senior Offset Driver

Senior Offset



High launch, low spin for maximum carry distance with enhanced forgiveness and exceptional control.

Designed for:

Men, women & seniors with slow to moderate swing speeds (55-94 mph). For golfers seeking fade, slice or push correction

Features & Benefits

  • New Six Pack Weight Technology alters side to side ball flight
  • Multiple settings for Anti Slice, Draw Bias & Neutral 
  • Weight adjustable club head from 188-214 grams for driver lengths from 43" to 48"
  • High Moment of Inertia for stability and maximum control with aerodynamic design for speed
  • Also available in Ultra Light Edition & Easy Edition w/ 38 gram shaft          
  • Lofts 9.5 & 11 right hand & left hand

Also available in:

Ultra Edition - for seniors looking for maximum distance Details Here

Easy Edition - for senior men & women with slow swings Details Here

Wholesale price from $219 For complete details click  HERE


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Best Anti Slice

Anti Push Driver


Controlled trajectory, low spin for a balance of carry and roll distance with a solid feel and pleasing sound 

Designed for:

Golfers with average to slow swing speeds (75-105 mph) seeking slice or push correction with a more compact driver look.

Features & Benefits

  • Advanced dual tier hitting surface for better ball speed 
  • Optimum weight to length ratio for superior feel & control 
  • Weight adjustable club head from 190-210 grams for driver lengths from 44" to 48"
  • Increase club head speed and distance via added leverage and reduced spin rates
  • Confidence inspiring design in bold metallic red
  • Available in Standard, Ultra Edition and Easy Edition models
  • Ultralight graphite shafts in 55 and 45 gram weights
  • Lofts  10 & 12

Available with:

Premium graphite shafts in 55 and 45 gram weights to fit smooth, medium and fast tempo swingers.

Wholesale price from $209 For complete details click HERE


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Unique Offset Driver Technology for More Distance and Straighter Drives

70% of amateur golfers contend with a fade, slice or push. Unfortunately, drives that fade or slice rob golfers of distance. Why? Because fades and slices increase golf ball spin rates which is a primary killer of distance. Sure, big hitting tour players can still hit fades over 300 yards but amateur golfers with average swing speeds would benefit greatly from straighter drives that find the fairway. Better yet, a draw that reduces spin rate and provides maximum roll out can improve driving distance tremendously. Yet most amateur players, due to improper swing planes, struggle to control their driver. Rather than continue to lose distance and strokes because of bad drives there is an easier way to hit straighter drives, improve distance and even make it easier to hit a draw. 

A driver is the most difficult club in the bag to hit straight for two reasons: first, it has the least amount of loft which puts more side spin on the ball and second, the hitting surface is onset (positioned ahead of the shaft) making it more difficult to square at impact as it requires perfect timing and technique. So why is it that the majority of golfers use and benefit from irons that are offset while using a driver that is not? If it is easier to hit offset irons straight would it not make sense to also use offset on the hardest to hit club in the bag? By positioning the hitting surface behind the shaft offset drivers like the ProSpeed and LongBallz Max eliminate the need for perfect timing to get the face square at impact. The result: straighter drives and the ability to more easily close the face through impact to help produce a draw. 

For golfers who battle a slice (typically caused by an outside in swing plane) an offset driver can greatly improve the severity of the slice by once again squaring the face more rapidly at impact turning a bad slice into a controllable fade that finds the fairway instead of the rough. As golfers who slice also tend to hit higher drives due to the steep downswing plane produced by an outside in swing it is recommended that they use a loft one degree lower to help flatten the trajectory and give the ball a more boring flight.

Utilizing premium ultra light weight cast titanium the ProSpeed and LongBallz Max offset drivers employ Variable Weight Technology that offers numerous benefits that other offset drivers lack. The ability to shift weight to strategic areas on the club allows a golfer to increase the amount of draw bias (making it easier to close the club face through impact) on the driver to further encourage straighter drives. In addition, weight can be removed or added to the club head to perfectly balance the club and enhance club head speed. For golfers seeking maximum control the drivers can be weighted for standard or shorter club lengths (45" to 43"). For golfers seeking more distance the drivers can be weighted lighter to accommodate longer club lengths up to 48" which can dramatically increase club head speed. The drivers also come with a weight kit that include 8, 5, 2 &1 gram weights that easily screw in and out of the club head. This allows golfers to change the weight at any time to help make ball flight corrections or to re-weight the club head if a golfer decides the reduce the length of the club. 

The solution to distance robbing, inconsistent fades, slices and pushes simply can't be found in over priced drivers used by tour players. Those drivers are designed for golfers who have on plane, picture perfect swings. The Prospeed and LongBallz offset drivers are designed for the majority of average players who enjoy the game and just need a little help straightening out the hardest to hit club in the bag. They're the perfect drivers for the imperfect swing. After all, longer, straighter drives make the game of golf what we all want it to be ... fun. 


Golf Driver Fitting Guide

Need Help? Fill out our Fitting Form for advice on which model, loft, flex and length would best suit your goals.



“Just received my Offset last night. Even though the temperature here is in the 40’s I had to go out and give it a try. Of course the first few swings were ugly as I was cold and stiff but once I warmed up I started hitting some incredible drives. Even in the cold air I hit 8 drives over 260 yards and straight down the middle. I don’t know what you guys did to build this club but it works like a charm. I can’t wait until it warms up to see how far it really goes. Just wanted you to know how pleased I am.” K.T.

"I think many guys assume that "impressive" feedback is written by the company owners, well, not here. I bought the offset ProSpeed long shafted driver a while ago from you. Knee problems made me wait until last week to finally get out and play 9 holes. I am 81, yes 81, and not tall. Years ago I could hit drives 280, 290, no B.S. but in the past 10 years I was hitting drives around 210 wow, how depressing. Last week I took your driver out to play 9 holes for the first time in months...on the first tee, a par 4, using your driver, I HONESTLY hit my drive 241 yards OVER a cross fairway drainage ditch, which I never did before, and it rolled out to 273 yards...this is real, this is the truth. Your driver is AWESOME...thank you for a new life at 81." D.R.

"Just tried out my new Offset Prospeed ultra edition driver this weekend on a long wet course in the UK. The club looks really great and performs amazingly. My weak fade went to a straight shot or a 10 yard draw and I gained 20-30 yards of carry and am sure it will be more in the summer with some run out. Absolutely delighted with the club and the service. I used to play off a 5 handicap and have crept up to 10...I think I'm coming back down this year !!!!!" M.H.

"I have been one of the biggest procrastinators about ordering one of these drivers , I have used all the top name drivers , I have a slow club head speed and I normally hit a cut , so I was recommended for the Prospeed Offset 9.5 degree driver with soft regular shaft . I took it out on the course today and it out drove my new name brand driver by 26 yards and I never missed a fairway . Very good customer relations . Very good product so well built ." D.M.

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