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"I have had the 48" LongBallZ driver for almost a year now and just wow. I am hitting every fairway and even the mishits are over 200 yds. Love this driver. Took me a while to get used to it but I would not use anything else now. My buddies are getting sick of me hitting every fairway and putting it right where I want to put it. Yesterday I hit all 14 fairways and got razzed a lot about it- love it. Thank you. J.R.

"I'm a woman, 5'2" and have been using a 46" Taylor Made Burner. I tested all the latest drivers but they did not give me any more distance than my old Burner. I ran across your site and you recommended the 47" LongBallz 12 degree with senior shaft. I must say that I am thrilled with the results. I have played one round so far in early spring conditions - wet and muddy with cold air. However I gained 15 yards with the new driver without any roll. I can't wait to see how it performs in warm, summer conditions. Thank you for your assistance and I'm sure you'll be getting more orders once my friends see how far I'm hitting it." K.B.

"Just received the LongBallz 48" driver with Aura regular shaft. Went to range and I could definitely see it going past my M3 by about 20 yards. Afterward I tested it on the launch monitor head to head against the M3. With the M3 I averaged 195 to 199 carry. With the LongBallz I averaged 219 to 226 carry. That's a huge difference. Can't wait to see my buddy's face when I blow it past him." R.M.

"Ordered the 48" LongBallz and I'm averaging 6 mph faster in swing speed. Took it along on our golf trip and I was crushing it. Right around 20 yards yards or so longer and my best went 345! M.B.

“I’ve been a PGA teaching pro for over 30 years. Now that I’m in my late 50’s I’ve noticed a drop off in distance off the tee. I tried various drivers but nothing gave me a substantial increase in speed or distance. Ran across your driver and it made sense so I gave it a try. Thought it would take a while to get accustomed to the 48” length but I’ve played two rounds and had no issues with good contact or control. In fact, it has a very solid feel and the 55 gram shaft fits me well. So far I’ve picked up anywhere from 15 to 20 plus yards. Might be able to squeeze a few more yards out of it after some practice. My playing partner, who is 84, also shared the driver and he hit it great so you’ll probably be getting another order. I’ll recommend your club to any players looking to gain some distance.” E.B.

“No doubt this driver is longer than any I’ve tried and I’ve tried them all. It’s been warm and dry here so I’m getting 25-30 yards on average. The 48” length hasn’t been a problem to control either. Brought it to a local tournament and the guys on the range were all killing it. I saw my PGA pro the other day and he took swings with it and was impressed with the distance and the looks. Geat club.” K.M.

“Bought the 48” LongBallz and worked on my technique a bit at the range. Hitting drives out to 250 now versus my usual average of 220 and even found a little draw with the club. Love the driver. F.G.

“Purchased the draw bias driver and I am 15-20- yards longer off the tee and keeping it in the fairway.”

“The draw bias LongBallz has got be one of the best drivers I’ve owned. I’m 68 and added a good 20 yards of the tee and getting a nice soft draw.” D.L.

“Got your LongBallz driver 2 months ago (10.5 at 47”) and I’m just as accurate as before but added 20+ yards. Really helped to get the scores down.” H.D.

“Took the new driver to the range for a test. First couple of drives were hooks so I added a little more weight to the head and, bang, some nice long draws. Left the rest of the bucket and went out for a quick 9. Saw some drives that were 25-30 yards longer than I normally hit with my M4. Like that I can change the weight for my preferred feel and it’s sneaky long. Sometimes I didn’t think I hit it on the screws but it was out there a long way”. M.S.

“ It took it a little time to get used to the longer length but it was worth it. Getting 15 yards more on average and good hits are out there about 25 yards more. Very happy.” S.C.

“I got the 47” LongBallz driver which is 2” longer than my other drivers. Believe it or not I’m actually hitting it straighter and anywhere from 20 to 30 yards more. I am extremely satisfied.” P.J.

“I ordered the your draw bias driver and it has made a big difference in my game. As a senior the ultra light 47” gram shaft and 47” length enables me to get a faster swing speed and I am hitting it either straight or a little draw with about 30 meters more in distance.” S.P.