* Engineered for Senior Golfers seeking improved distance with    control & forgiveness

* Ultra light, weight adjustable up to 60 Grams lighter. Driver lengths from 43" to 48" for men & women

*Settings for Draw Bias, Maximum Draw Bias, Neutral and Fade Bias to fit most swings

* Adjustable lofts in two ideal choices:  9 to 12 degree or 11 to 14 degree to fit all swing speeds

Longest Senior Golf Driver
Longest Senior Driver

ProSpeed Elite


Advanced Technology for Senior Golfers Who Want it All:

Distance  -  Control  -  Forgiveness -  Low Wholesale Price        

Longer drives with incredible accuracy and control. New All-in-One ultra light, weight adjustable technology in concert with variable loft, changeable center of gravity and face alignment combine with Long Drive technology to produce a uniquely powerful driver that tailors to your individual swing. What's more it offers the opportunity to achieve your goals whether it's maximum distance, more control or a combination of both. Using state-of-the-art materials and manufacturing together with the science of club head speed enhancement the search for long and accurate drives becomes reality ... at a cost that is a fraction of over priced big brands. 

Features & Benefits

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Precision, high speed ultra light cast titanium construction

New! Control Face Technology increases forgiveness, launch and workability with incredible feel

Adjustable loft in two selections: 9 to 12 degree and 11 to 14 degree for personalized trajectory settings

Weight adjustable up to 61 grams lighter than standard drivers to fit 43" to 48" club lengths

Designed to benefit moderate to slow club head speed golfers from 95 mph to 50 mph swing speeds 

Maximizes club head speed up to 10% higher for optimum distance

Lower Spin Rate and Higher Smash Factor for increased energy transfer

Multiple settings for Draw, Maximum Draw, Neutral and Fade Bias to fit most swings for superior control

Available in Standard, Ultra Edition (extra light in 46"-48" lengths) and Easy Edition (extra light in 43"- 46") 

Ultra Light shafts choices in 38, 45, 55 and 60 gram models to fit slow, medium and fast swing tempos

Unique adjustable club head weighting from 190 to 215 grams for speed enhancement and feel

Ideal shaft flexes in regular, senior, super senior and lady

Longest Senior Golf Driver

Easy to Hit - Designed to Fit

Senior golfers - whether low or high handicap- benefit from a driver that helps forgive mishits. Control Face Technology does just that and more. By altering the club face's natural horizontal and vertical curvature off center hits fly truer and stay more on target while offering golfers a more workable driver that responds to intentional draws and fades more readily. Trajectory is also enhanced providing a more ideal launch vector for optimized carry distance without ballooning for a tour-like ball flight. 

Three adjustable technologies allow each golfer to fine tune the driver to precisely fit their individual swings for speed enhancement, loft, club head weight, draw to fade bias and feel. Constructed with 3 weight ports located on the heel, toe and rear of the club head the driver comes with moveable weights in 10, 8, 5 and 1 gram increments. These weights can be perfectly set to suit the driver's overall length (available in 43" to 48") and positioned in any of the weight ports to influence and promote draw or fade bias or increased launch angle. The weighting system works in conjunction with the club's adjustable hosel that can be set for additional draw or fade bias and alter the loft by 1.5 degrees higher or lower. This gives each golfer a simple fitting method that's both easy to use (instructions included) and highly effective. 

Maximum Power

What senior golfer wouldn't benefit from more distance? Unfortunately drivers from the big brands - even those with more flexible shafts - can only offer a couple of more yards as the so called technology in their clubs require a swing speed of over 105 mph to realize any benefit. So senior players seeking REAL distance gains need a club that can offer true swing speed enhancement. That comes from the science of leverage. Simply put a lighter overall driver weight combined with a longer overall length will maximize club head speed while staying easy to swing and control. That's what the ProSpeed Elite offers and it can also benefit those golfers who only want better control. But consider this: for every 1 mile per hour increase in club head speed a golfer can realize up to 3 yards more distance.  Here's how length combined with lighter overall weight can affect speed:

48” – 47.5” For golfers who have a fundamentally sound swing seeking maximum club head speed and distance. Launch monitor results show an increase in club head speed of 5 to 9 mph

47” - The ideal length for the majority of golfers seeking both distance increase and good control with an increase in club head speed of 4 to 7 mph

46.5” – 46” For golfers interested in a modest increase in distance with very good control. Club head speed increase of 2 to 4 mph

45.5” – 45” For golfers mainly interested in control with an increase in club head speed of 0-3 mph.

44.5" - 44" For golfers seeking increased control

44" - 43" For golfers seeking maximum control or most women

Choose from 3 Models

for Hundred$ Less

The ProSpeed Elite comes in 3 models customized to ideally fit senior Men & Women with swing speeds from 95 to 50 mph. Driver comes with head cover, weight kit and adjustment tool. Also available in component club head.


 Standard ProSpeed Elite - Right Hand  For men and women seeking distance, control & forgiveness. Variable weight club head from 189 to 215 grams allows for driver lengths from 43" to 48". Golfers looking for increased distance can benefit from longer driver lengths (47" to 48") while maintaining a light weight for more speed. Golfers who desire more control can use a standard to shorter club length (45" to 43") to zero in on accuracy & forgiveness. Available with 60, 55 & 45 gram ultra light graphite.           Compare at $550   NOW ON SALE $239 ORDER HERE

 Ultra Edition ProSpeed Elite -  Right Hand(Lightest overall weight for maximum speed in 46" to 48" length) For senior golfers seeking to maximize club head speed and distance. Super light total driver weight as low as 258 grams (          up to 54 grams lighter than many standard titanium drivers) & longer club length allows players to maximize "lag" in the downswing for release of peak club head speed directly at impact. With special 23 gram grip. Available with ultra light 55 & 45 gram shaft choices in regular, senior & super senior flexes  (comes with standard grip installed and special 23 gram grip to be installed once ideal club setting is achieved)           Compare at $700 to $900   NOW ON SALE $249          ORDER HERE

Easy Edition ProSpeed EliteRight Hand(Absolute lightest overall weight for smooth, slow swinging men and women in 43" to 46" lengths) For senior men & women with slow, smooth swings. Feather light total driver weight as low as 249 grams           (up to 61 grams less than standard titanium drivers) for effortless power. Available with Caldera 38 gram Power Flex graphite shaft (for slow, smooth swing tempos) or Mach 4 45 gram shaft (for smooth to medium swing tempos).           With special ultra light 23 gram grip. Available in senior flex,  super senior flex & Lady flex  (comes with standard grip installed and special 23 gram grip to be installed once ideal club setting is achieved)           Compare at $700 to $900   NOW ON SALE $249      ORDER HERE

Choose from 4 shaft selections to ideally fit your swing speed and tempo

Caldera 38 by Omega - (For men & women with swing speeds below 75 mph and slow, smooth swing tempos)         New feather light shaft technology designed to improve speed for slow, smooth swinging senior golfers. Constructed with high modulus, ultra high tensile strength prepreg its feather light weight and unique bend profile stores energy in the downswing for release though impact. Provides a strain free power enhancing medium to transfer increased energy with minimal effort. Suitable for men and women seeking an easy to swing alternative for distance improvement. Available in Senior (72 - 79 mph), Super Senior (65- 71mph) and Lady (64 mph & below) flexes. Weight: 38 grams, Torque: 9 degrees, Flex Point: Low, Color: Matte Black

Mach 4 by Omega –  (For men and women with swing speeds from 90 to 60 mph with slow to medium swing tempos) A premium, super light 45 gram graphite designed for senior golfers seeking a speed enhancing shaft. With a unique bend profile the upper portion of the shaft remains firmer while the bottom portion of the shaft provides an increased pendulum like flex for a powerful kicking action through impact. Manufactured with high modulus raw material interwoven in multiple plies to provide a shaft that boosts club bead speed without extreme effort. Available in Soft Regular flex (90 to 82 mph swing speeds), Senior flex (81 mph to 75mph swing speeds) and Super Senior flex ( 74 mph and below). Color: Matte Black, Torque: 5 degrees

Aura 55 by Omega –  (For golfers with medium to faster swing tempos. Also ideal for longer driver lengths up to 48")  An all new ultra light weight graphite shaft that delivers increased club head speed while promoting consistent control. Manufactured with high modulus, ultra high strength 40T graphite fibers its super light construction and low torque offer a unique blend of high energy transfer with minimal effort. Suits a wide range of golfers seeking enhanced distance. Available in  Regular (86-95 mph), Senior (76-85 mph) and Super Senior (below 75 mph) flexes. Weight: 50-55 grams, Torque: 4.5, Flex Point: Mid/Low, Color: Matte Black

Shaft Fitting Guide


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Fitting Guide

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Elite Performance

While big brands rely on marketing terms like "twist", "jailbreak" and "carbon" to sell their expensive clubs the Prospeed Elite relies on proven technology to give senior players the opportunity to experience better distance with forgiveness and control. Spending $500 to $900 on a driver does not hit the ball farther - Increasing club head speed does. Based on science rather than hype and specifically tailored to the needs of senior golfers advanced ultra light materials with adjustable weight and loft plus ball control settings give avid players a one-of-a-kind driver to lower scores and increase enjoyment. After all, there's nothing worse than the disappointment of short drives except for short and crooked ones. That's because distance matters. Longer drives means more greens in regulation and more pars and birdies. And the driver is the one club that sets the tone for the rest of the game - both mentally and on the score card. Confidence plus performance equals results. Experience the one driver that offers Elite performance without the elite price.


"Thanks for your advice on the swing change. With the ProSpeed Elite I picked up about 15 yards on average. After playing a couple of times I started swinging a little more inside out and smooth, picked up maybe another 15 yards and broke 90 for the first time in a long time. Thanks again. R.C.

"I am very pleased with the new ProSpeed Elite driver. I was getting 10 - 20 yards additional yards, and it feels much easier to hit." D.H.

"I ordered the adjustable ProSpeed Elite 12.5 and set it on the higher loft to help my trajectory and carry distance. After reading the information on the driver I decided to try the 48" length to help boost my speed. Well let me tell you it really works! I am hitting drives to areas on my course I never reached before. Except now I have a problem - my wife tried the driver and gained so much distance (40 yards) that she took it out my bag and won't give it back. So now I have to order another one. Your driver is an excellent product and at half the price I normally pay buying two is no problem. Thank you for helping this couple enjoy the game again." G.H. Canada

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