*Enjoy Fade, Slice & Push Correction

*Unique Settings for Fade Control, Draw Dias, Anti Slice, Neutral, Ultra Light and more

*Weight Adjustable Driver Head from 188 to 215 gram for driver lengths from 48" to 43"

Offset LightSpeed HT Light Golf Driver
Offset LightSpeed Light Weight Golf Driver

"My good drives go 20 yards farther and my bad drives go as far as the good drives from my old driver. Plus almost all of the drives are straight" R.Z.

More Distance. Better Control. Adapts to Your Swing.

To consistently hit drives in the fairway it requires driver that adapts to your personal swing (even if it's not perfect) to easily square at impact for controlled distance. Combining a unique offset hosel together with an adjustable club face angle that will open, square or close based on your personal needs the Offset LightSpeed HT allows you to fine tune the club to your swing. What's more its club head can be adjusted for weight from 188 grams to 215 grams to create the weapon of your choice - a longer length driver (47' to 48") that offers blazing speed and distance, a standard length driver (45" to 46") that promotes control with power or a shorter driver (43" to 44") that provides pinpoint accuracy fairway after fairway. It's this one of kind combination that blends speed with control and power with precision a into an offset driver unlike any other.

Straighter Equals Longer

Whether it's the unwanted side spin that creates fades and slices or the faulty swing path that promotes dead straight pushes to the right these types of drives rob players of distance and strokes creating higher scores and lower satisfaction. After all, a straight drive (or better yet - a draw) can outdistance these poor hits by 20 yards or more. Incorporating SmartSet Technology - a simple yet effective method of altering the driver's face angle into 5 varying positions- the Offset LightSpeed HyperTi allows golfers of all handicaps and skill levels to take advantage of a more powerful drive by choosing the setting that is right for their personal swing:

  • Neutral: Suggested for lower handicap players or straight hitters who want an easy to draw driver. Combines a slightly open face angle with offset
  • Straight: Suggested for players who simply need offset with a square face angle to provide straight drives to a slight draw
  • Draw Bias: Suggested for players with decent swing fundamentals seeking straight ball flight or minor draw bias. Slightly closes the face angle for gentle draws.
  • Fade Control: Suggested for various handicaps seeking to eliminate a fade.Closes the face angle to more easily square at impact
  • Anti Slice: Suggested for higher handicaps or any player who battles a slice. Combines offset with a significantly closed face angle for maximum squaring

For golfers whose swing improves or changes over time the driver can be easily re-set to continue to deliver consistent and personalized results.

Maximizing Distance

Increasing swing speed by just 10% can add an additional 16 to 20 yards of distance for senior golfers and average players who have driver swing speeds in the 70 to 90 mph ranges. Rather than trying to overpower the swing (which creates mishits and poor control) it's a matter of allowing the club to do the work. By employing the proven scientific principle of leverage club head speed can increase by as much as 10% when combined with a driver that offers adjustable weighting. For instance, a standard 45" driver has a head weight in the range of 206 grams but if that driver is increased in length to 47" or 48" the swing weight becomes extremely heavy putting excessive pressure on the hands, wrists and arms. However, the Offset LightSpeed HyperTi offers variable club head weighting (from 180 to 215 grams) to perfectly match longer or shorter driver lengths. For golfers looking to maximize distance or simply create center of the fairway control the driver gives optimum weighting while maintaining the light weight necessary to produce "lag" (the ability to retain wrist cock in the downswing for release of full power at impact). This combination of leverage and lag promote the highest possible club head speeds for truly "smoked" drives.

Golfers can choose the length that best suits individual skills and goals. Longer length drivers can also be easily cut down if the added length proved uncomfortable. The following are suggested:

  • 48"-47.5" driver length; For golfers with good swing fundamentals or players accustomed to longer driver lengths seeking maximum club head speed and distance.
  • 47"-46.5" driver length: For golfers of various handicaps seeking significantly improved speed & distance.
  • 46"-45.5" driver length: For golfers seeking slightly better speed with control.
  • 45"-44.5" driver length: For golfers who want a standard length driver with exceptional control.
  • 44" - 43" driver length: For golfers seeking maximum control.

For golfers using the 45.5" to 48" driver lengths who want the fastest possible swing speeds the driver can also be used in Ultra Light mode. The club also comes with (3) 1 gram, (2) 2 gram, (2) 5 gram and (2) 8 gram weights. Simply remove the Smartset adapter from the club head (sets the club in the Draw Bias position) and install the proper weights (easy to follow instructions included) for high speed, ultra light use.

Science Instead of Hype

Hype and gimmicks do not hit a golf ball farther and straighter. Science, leverage, speed and ideal impact positions do hit the longest drives in the fairway. That's what the Offset LightSpeed HyterTi is based on. Whether you are a slower swinging senior player or average golfer seeking to greatly improve driving accuracy and distance it's a driver that gives you all the tools you need to succeed - more speed, adjustable weight, longer or shorter club length, adaptability to your individual swing. In other words, it's a driver designed to fit your abilities and goals without exaggeration or exaggerated prices.

 Available  for seniors and average swing speed players the driver is tailored to the specific needs of average players who seek performance instead of promise and results instead of gimmicks.

Now Available in New Ultra Edition

For senior golfers seeking to maximize club head speed and distance. Super light total driver weight as low as 258 grams (up to 48 grams lighter than standard titanium drivers) & longer club length allows players to maximize "lag" in the downswing for release of peak club head speed directly at impact. With 23 gram grip. Driver lengths from 46" to 48". Available with Aura 55 gram or shaft in regular (94-85 mph), senior (84-75 mph) & super senior flexes ( below 74 mph) Compare at $550 Wholesale price from $229

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Available in driver head only or assembled with one of the shafts below. Drivers come complete with head cover, weight kit and tool.

G60 by Graman – Designed for golfers with faster swing tempos or players seeking more control with longer club lengths. Provides stability, consistency and control together with increased club head speed for greater distance. Manufactured with extremely precise symmetry and low torque using state of the art technology and the finest raw materials available in the world. Factory spine aligned and frequency certified to insure unmatched performance. Available in Stiff (96– 105mph), Regular (84-95mph) and Senior (83mph and below). Weight: 60 grams, Torque: 3.3, Flex Point: Mid/Low, Color: Liquid Silver.

Aura 55 by Omega – An all new ultra light weight graphite shaft that delivers increased club head speed while promoting consistent control. Manufactured with high modulus, ultra high strength 40T graphite fibers its feather light construction and low torque offer a unique blend of high energy transfer with minimal effort. Suits a wide range of golfers seeking enhanced distance at an incredible value. Available in Stiff (93-100mph), Regular (84-92mph), Senior (74-83mph) and Super Senior (below 73mph) flexes. Weight: 52-56 grams, Torque: 4.5, Flex Point: Mid/Low, Color: Matte Black

Mach 4 by Omega – A premium, super light 45 gram graphite designed for medium to smooth tempo golfers seeking a speed enhancing shaft. With a unique bend profile the upper portion of the shaft remains firmer while the bottom portion of the shaft provides an increased pendulum like flex for a powerful kicking action through impact. Manufactured with high modulus raw material interwoven in multiple plies to provide a shaft that boosts club bead speed without extreme effort. Available in Soft Regular flex (88 to 82 mph swing speeds), Senior flex (81 mph to 75mph swing speeds) and Super Senior flex ( 74 mph and below). Color: Matte Black, Torque: 5 degrees


"I recently received the offset LightSpeed and I'm very pleased with the performance. My good drives go 20 yards farther and my bad drives go as far as the good drives from my old driver. Plus almost all of the drives are straight in the fairway instead of the right rough. No one in my group has ever seen an offset driver like this one but I can't deny how well it works. Now I'm considering the offset fairway woods in hopes they will work just as good as the driver." R.Z.

"Got the offset LightSpeed on Friday morning. Quick delivery and excellent service. Played Friday and Saturday without a single fade, hit it dead straight with an occasional slight draw, long and very easy on the body. 100% satisfied and will probably purchase a backup. I let some player friends hit it and they were totally impressed! This club will not leave my bag and thanks for the help with the selection." S.P.

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