Employing seven technologies to enhance speed, control and power it is a fairway finding machine utilizing a cocktail of scientific principles and engineering to solve the most pressing need facing every senior player … long, accurate distance.

Aerodynamic – Stingray inspired aerodynamics allow the club head to cut through the air efficiently for reduced resistance and more effortless speed.

• Ultralight – Premium lightweight titanium, super light graphite shafts and feather light grips produce a driver weight as light as 247 grams

• Weight Adjustable - Includes a weight kit containing 10, 8, 5 and 1 gram weights to perfectly balance the club for individual feel, club length and dispersion control

• Loft Adjustable - Choose either 10.5 (adjustable 9 to 12) or 12.5 (adjustable 11 to 14) to ideally fit your swing speed and ball flight needs. Settings for draw, neutral and slight fade.

• High Moment of Inertia – Stabilizes the club head during the swing enabling more square contact and on target drives

• Deep Center of Gravity – Promotes tour-like launch for maximum carry distance and low spin for roll out

• Long Drive Tech – Available in driver lengths from 43” to 48“ for maximum control to extreme distance. (amateur golfers can legally use up to 48”)

"long, accurate distance"

More Control to Extreme Distance - "for golfers who want it all"

As golfers age muscle speed and strength decreases as does the ability to create a large backswing turn. These are the factors that result in less club head speed and, sadly, distance that diminishes year by year. Counteracting the loss of speed and flexibility requires a driver that combines ideal trajectory options, ultralight weight options to increase ball speed and driver length options to maximum swing speed. The ProSpeed StingRay not only addresses these issues but also provides increased control and accuracy for golfers who want it all. From long drives to extreme distance each golfer can choose the right length to perfectly fit their skill and ability with the knowledge that adjustment options and variable weighting can precisely tailor the club to peak performance.   

48” – 47.5” For golfers who have a fundamentally sound swing seeking maximum club head speed and distance. Launch monitor results show an increase in club head speed of 5 to 9 mph

47” - The ideal length for the majority of golfers seeking both distance increase and good control with an increase in club head speed of 4 to 7 mph

46.5” – 46” For golfers interested in a modest increase in distance with very good control. Club head speed increase of 2 to 4 mph

45.5” – 45” For golfers mainly interested in control with an increase in club head speed of 0-3 mph.

44.5" - 44" For golfers seeking increased control

44" - 43" For golfers seeking maximum control or most women


The ProSpeed StingRay comes in 3 models customized to ideally fit senior Men & Women with swing speeds from 95 to 50 mph. Driver comes with head cover, weight kit and adjustment tool. Also available in component club head.


Standard ProSpeed StingRay - Right Hand  For men and women seeking distance, control & forgiveness. Variable weight club head from 188 to 214 grams allows for driver lengths from 43" to 48". Golfers looking for increased distance can benefit from longer driver lengths (47" to 48") while maintaining a light weight for more speed. Golfers who desire more control can use a standard to shorter club length (45" to 43") to zero in on accuracy & forgiveness. Available with 55 & 45 gram ultra light graphite.

Compare at $600  Wholesale price from $249   ORDER HERE

Ultra Edition ProSpeed StingRay -  Right Hand (Lightest overall weight for maximum speed in 46" to 48" length) For senior golfers seeking to maximize club head speed and distance. Super light total driver weight as low as 254 grams ( up to 56 grams lighter than many standard titanium drivers) & longer club length allows players to maximize "lag" in the downswing for release of peak club head speed directly at impact. With special Winn DriTec ultralight 23 gram grip. Available with ultra light 55 & 45 gram shaft choices in regular, senior & super senior flexes        Compare at $700  Wholesale price from $259     ORDER HERE

Easy Edition ProSpeed StingRay - Right Hand (Absolute lightest overall weight for smooth, slow swinging men and women in 43" to 46" lengths) For senior men & women with slow, smooth swings. Feather light total driver weight as low as 247 grams (up to 64 grams less than standard titanium drivers) for effortless power. Available with Caldera 38 gram Power Flex graphite shaft (for slow, smooth swing tempos) or Mach 4 45 gram shaft (for smooth to medium swing tempos).  With special Winn DriTec ultralight 23 gram grip. Available in senior flex,  super senior flex & Lady flex  Compare at $700   Wholesale Price $269         ORDER HERE

Faster. Straighter. Longer. It’s what every golfer wants in a driver and it’s the game changing performance found in the new ProSpeed StingRay.



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