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Kompressor Senior Golf Driver


Kompressor Senior Golf Driver

Senior Friendly

Engineered for maximum accuracy and control. Adjustable for loft, face angle and weight. Primed for speed and distance. The complete package that helps the senior golfer find the fairway with frequency and improved length. The technology that delivers shorter shots from the short grass for better scoring opportunities. The visual alignment system that aims the club down the target line for a confident stroke. It is this unique combination of design and performance that is the signature of the light weight Kompressor driver.

Superior Control

 Hitting long drives is one thing. Hitting them in the fairway is quite another. The SuperSpeed Kompressor combines a variable center of gravity together with a high moment of inertia to stabilize and square the club head through impact for straighter, on line drives and the ability to draw the ball more easily. Internal design improvements encourage more consistent center of the face contact maintaining ball speed for reliable distance performance while helping to eliminate wildly off-line drives. As an added benefit enhanced trajectory provides a more ideal ball flight for substantial carry distance.

Zero in on the Target

Taking the guesswork out of alignment is half the battle in hitting a successful drive. The all new Dual Tone Alignment System makes set up easy and stress free. The contrasting metallic grey crown and dual matte black elliptical recesses focus the eyes and club head directly toward the target while making it easier to "work" the ball. For instance, when a hole calls for a draw simply align the club head down the intended target line while positioning the body slightly right of the target. The ball starts to the right and curves back to the target - much easier to accomplish when you can "see" the result and "zero in" on the target

Enjoy Power & Adjustability

It's a fact: longer driver lengths increase driving distance. Yet most golf drivers are not weight adjustable to accommodate longer club lengths. But the Kompressor is not your average driver. Weight adjustable from 192 grams to 205 grams the driver comes with (2) 0.5 gram, (1) 2 gram, (1) 5 gram and (1) 8 gram weight which screw in and out in seconds. The ability to alternate weight ideally fits club lengths from 44.5" to 47" while maintaining the feel and light weight necessary to improve swing speed. For golfers seeking longer distance the combination of the 192 gram head weight and 47" length provide a longer swing arc for added speed while remaining light and easy to swing. Those looking for pinpoint accuracy can use standard head weights and lengths 44.5 to 45". For golfers seeking spin control, weight can be moved forward for lower spin or to the rear for higher ball flight. Paired with a premium beta titanium hitting surface the club is optimized for all around performance and can be customized to suit whatever a golfer desires: maximum control, all out distance or something in between.

Available in 10 degree (adjustable from 9 to 11.5 loft) the driver fits most senior golfers . When set on the lower loft the face angle is square, standard loft the face angle is 0.5 closed and the higher loft offers a draw bias 1.5 degrees closed. The drivers can also be placed on draw bias at standard loft with a separate setting. These variations allow golfers to choose the best set up for trajectory, side spin control and alternating playing conditions ( wet, dry, calm or windy).

Specifically designed for seniors with a slower swing speed (85 mph & below) the Kompressor incorporates all the necessary performance enhancements to make the difficult task of hitting fairways easier, repeatable and longer. Pleasing to the eye and a pleasure to hit its comprised of the best materials, manufacturing and technology to help lower scores and heighten enjoyment.

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Available in driver head only or custom assembled with Head Cover. Weight Kit & Tool included. 

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"My new club is more than advertised. I went out to the practice range with it. Yes it has increased the distance considerably. I don't know what effect the lighter materials have but I suspect that it has permitted more power with less strain or tiredness. Good job!" P.G.

"I got the Kompressor driver . Went to my local golf course where I practice regularly. I know where I hit my drives and much to my surprise using the Kompressor driver added a solid 40 yards to my usual distances. I've purchased many golf products that advertise adding distance but the Kompressor driver is the first product that actually performed as advertised. I'm 70 years old and was blown away." T.K.

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